Complex Calculator

What is it: A calculator that is designed to do complex number calculations.

How it works: There are actually two versions. The basic calculator operates on two complex numbers x and y (doing addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation or reciprocal) to produce a third complex number z and continuously displays all 3 numbers in both polar and rectangular coordinates. It shows the two operands and the result in both polar and rectangular form and updates continually as you enter the digits of the operands.

The stack calculator is similar except instead of having only two operands it has a whole stack of operands that can be operated on, the bottom two of which are labeled x and y. Another feature is that each complex number that is entered can be given a text description. When an operation takes place the resultant is automatically given a text description as well, based on the operands and the operation (as illustrated to the right). Another feature is that the contents of the stack can be pasted into a word processor.

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