How to use this algebra help e-book

What you are reading right now is called the Algebra Help e-book. It is an electronic textbook on algebra that is designed to be used with the Algebra Coach program. The Algebra Coach program shows the algebra steps that take you from some initial expression or equation to the final expression or the solution of the equation. If you don’t understand some step then you can press the F1 button and the Algebra Help e-book will open up right to the page describing that step.

Here are some suggestions:

How to do the e-book exercises using the Algebra Coach

  1. Have this Algebra Help e-book and the Algebra Coach’s list box both visible (for example as shown in the picture below)

  2. Clear the Algebra Coach’s listbox (select everything in the listbox and press the delete key)

  3. Select an equation or expression in this e-book’s exercises (it will turn blue like question 2 in the picture)

  4. Drag the selected equation and drop it into the Algebra Coach’s listbox (follow the red arrow)

  5. Click the Algebra Coach’s OK button

  6. Follow the instructions given with the exercises.