Hello! Welcome to my website,, home of the Algebra Coach and the Math for Technology suite. My goal is to create apps and resources that make it easier for

Here is what you'll find:

The Algebra Coach.
Algebra Coach

A screenshot of the Algebra Coach showing how to solve a linear equation in 3 steps.

This app solves high school and college-level algebra problems step-by-step. You can download it and try it out for free. If you like it then you can buy it for $24.95, about the same price as a basic calculator!

The Math for Technology Suite.
Math for Technology Suite

A screenshot of one of the apps in the suite: the DC Loop Analysis app. As you draw the circuit the system of equations describing the electric currents in the loops are set up and solved.

This is a set of ten apps that apply mathematics such as linear algebra, trigonometry and complex numbers to technologies such as electrical, mechanical and structural engineering. The suite is absolutely free.
  • Six apps deal with linear algebra and its applications in electric circuits, trusses and logistics.
  • Three apps deal with vectors, rotating vectors, complex numbers and waves.
  • One app helps you visualize calculus.

The Algebra e-book.
Algebra e-book

A screenshot of the Algebra e-book explaining radical notation.

This is a hyperlinked electronic textbook on high school and college-level algebra.  The topics start with pre-algebra and range through functions, logarithms, exponents, trigonometry, equations, systems of equations, all the way to complex numbers. It has a synchronized table of contents, an index and full search capability. It is actually the help file that is included with the Algebra Coach app but you can download it separately for free. There is also a version that you can view in your web browser.

  • Mathematics for Electrical Technology
  • Calculus for Electrical Technology
  • Differential Equations for Electrical Technology
  • Multivariable Calculus for Electrical Technology

You can buy the books here. You can download resources (Excel spreadsheets and Maple worksheets) that supplement the books here.

There's more. I just started a blog. In it I discuss math topics of interest to me (and hopefully you). Please ask me your questions and give me your feedback. The FAQs answer questions concerning downloading, installing and using the apps.