Algebra Help e-book

The Algebra Help e-book is a hyperlinked electronic textbook on high school and college-level algebra. The topics range from pre-algebra (prime numbers, least common multiples, etc.), through functions, logarithms, exponents, trigonometry, equations, systems of equations, all the way to complex numbers. To see the entire table of contents right now click on 'Browser version' in the navigation bar to the left.

The book is laid out in frames as shown below.  The frame on the left can show either the table of contents, the index, the results of a search for any word or phrase in the book, or a list of the bookmarks that you have set. The frame on the right shows the actual text of the book.

The Algebra Help e-book is designed to be used with the Algebra Coach app:

Features of the Algebra Help e-book

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