My Math Blog

Welcome to my blog. My plan is to write about math topics that interest me and, hopefully, interest you as well.

It takes a few weeks to develop each topic. The process is a bit like creating an app. Every few days you add a new feature but most days you just polish the existing features. So make sure you come back often to see what's new.

If you would like to leave a comment, ask a question, or suggest a new topic, please send me an email.

Here is the topic I'm working on right now:

Relativity Why does time slow down for Bob when his rocket travels close to the speed of light?
In progress!

... and here are all the topics so far:

7 - pinball
The Pinball Machine and Pascal's Triangle How many paths take the pinball to the second cup?

The Travelling Salesman Problem In what order should you visit 20 cities to minimize the distance travelled?

Simulated Annealing and the TSP How to solve the travelling salesman problem using simulated annealing.
2 - dice
Finding Areas Using the Monte Carlo Method How do you find the area of an odd shape?
3 - maze
The Inside or Outside Problem How can you program a computer to tell if a point is inside an object or not?
Excel Spreadsheets The basics of Excel spreadsheets.

Interest and Loans in Excel How do you calculate interest using Excel?

Programming Excel How do you write code for Excel?
8 - roller coaster
The Roller Coaster and the Brachistochrone Problem How should you design a roller coaster to give the quickest ride?
9 - e-field

Scalar and Vector Fields Scalar and vector fields, including models to explain the meaning of Green's, Gauss', and Stokes' Theorems.